Their friend essentially picked up the tab for at

When I first started reading about Bob McDonnell and his wife

, Maureen, I had one thought: We’ve really gotta get new friends!

This was last year. replica designer handbags Bob was the governor of Virginia, and word started trickling out of Richmond that the McDonnells had cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk a great and generous new friend. This pal, a guy who happened to run a food supplement company, had taken a shine to the first couple, and he was as happy showering them with gifts as they were accepting them.

A replica louis vuitton silver Rolex watch inscribed “71st Governor of Virginia” for him. Oscar de la Renta fake louis bag gowns for her. Black and white Louis Vuitton shoes, a blue Giorgio Armani jacket, golf clubs, iPhones.

Oh, yeah. Their friend essentially picked up the tab for at least one daughter’s wedding Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags , gave them a $50,000 loan and happily flew them around on his high quality replica handbags china private jet. Plus the governor was able to tool around in the pal’s Ferrari.

But, hey, no problem, said McDonnell when the largesse of the food supplement guy became known, we are friends. This is what friends do for one another, right?

And I found myself muttering balefully about the miserliness of our friends. If we’re lucky, what gifts do we get from them? A book, maybe? Or a bottle of cheap wine? Was it time to upgrade?

Then, alas for Bob and Maureen McDonnell, the federal prosecutors, who’d apparently been captivated by the story, decided that it was a crock. That the happy couple had been acting as shills for the food supplement guy, greasing his way into government offices. And last week, the feds indicted Bob (now out of office) and Maureen on 14 counts of conspiracy and fraud in exchange for cheap replica handbags at least $165,000 in luxury swag and loans.

And my thoughts turned to: Books and wine replica louis vuitton bags are great gifts!

And: So happy for our good old New Hampshire governors! They may be boring, even eccentric. (Think about Craig Benson and his crazy three legged desk.) But they’re resolutely honest. Senate seat, as did Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, now a guest in a federal slammer.

He is just one of four former Illinois governors (out of the last seven!) who have seen the inside of a prison, although 1:1 replica handbags one of them shouldn’t really count because he did his dirty deeds after he left office.

But corrupt governors aren’t unique to Illinois. Just consider, in recent years:

Connecticut’s John Rowland spent six months in the pokey for taking bribes and using state paid contractors and materials to gussy up his weekend house.

Former Louisiana governor aaa replica designer handbags Edwin Edwards was generally described as “colorful.” Until he was described as a “convicted felon,” guilty of racketeering, extortion, money laundering, mail fraud and wire fraud. Demonstrating interesting family values, his son Stephen joined him behind bars.

Edward DiPrete of Rhode Island was indicted in 2000 and convicted along with his son (more family values!) for taking bribes and did a year behind bars.

In 1990, West Virginia Gov. Arch Moore Jr. was about to be tried for extortion, mail fraud , tax fraud and obstruction of justice when he copped a plea and got off with fewer than six years in prison.

There were chief executives from North Carolina, South Dakota, Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Ohio who were convicted of various and sundry misdeeds but managed to avoid doing time.

We in New Hampshire have been saved the ignominy of seeing any governor off to the Big House or even threatened with it. Which isn’t to say that back in the very bad old days ethical standards may have been just a wee bit lax. But still. Let’s hear it for the Granite State!

Then there are scores more governors across the land who regularly may stay within the limits of the law but who sure behave badly. New York’s Eliot Spitzer, that crusading former prosecutor and patron of prostitutes, anyone? Or Spitzer’s successor, David Paterson, who was accused of witness tampering and soliciting World Series tickets from the Yankees.

South Carolina’s Mark Sanford, of course, made sure he will forever be a footnote in political trivia quizzes when he memorably claimed to be “hiking the Appalachian Trail” when in truth he was dallying with his Argentinian mistress.

And California’s larger than life blowhard Arnold Schwarzenegger put an end to his political career as well as his marriage when he admitted to fathering a child with his family’s maid.

New Jersey has had a few charmers. First there was Jim McGreevey, whose heterosexual marriage exploded when it fake designer bags came out he’d appointed his completely unqualified boyfriend as high quality designer replica handbags wholesale state homeland security adviser.

He then pronounced himself “a gay American Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags ,” but neither the gay nor the straight community seemed much in a mood to celebrate him.

And now, of course, the Garden State has Chris Christie, whose rudeness has been celebrated as a virtue. YouTube has regularly featured clips of Christie supplied by his own staff where he delights in telling constituents where to get off. It helped propel the portly governor into the front ranks of 2016 GOP presidential candidates.

Now, to Christie’s great discomfort, folks including not just prying reporters but subpoena wielding investigators and prosecutors are wondering just what motivated some of the governor’s closest aides to engineer four days of massive traffic jams for people trying to cross the George Washington Bridge, dubbed the busiest such span in the world.

And now there’s the question of just what Christie’s lieutenant governor might have threatened the mayor of Hoboken with. And the question of when rudeness becomes something much worse.

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